Practical Support for Healthcare Providers under Pressure

Healthcare administrators across Australia and New Zealand are confronting a multitude of challenges. The demand for best practice services continues to surge, fuelled not only by the pressures of an ever-growing population but also by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic with patients still in screening and diagnostic catch up.  The outlook for next year is also of concern as healthcare spending has been curtailed with a growing gap between demand and delivery capability.

New demand generators

The convergence of these factors places considerable strain on the infrastructure of public and private health services and the frontline healthcare professionals, exacerbating existing diagnostic backlogs and stretching resources to their limits. Concurrently, healthcare scrutiny from regulators, the public, and insurers continues to intensify.

Moreover, alongside demographic shifts and governmental pressures, the healthcare landscape is evolving in response to changing patient behaviours. The increasing popularity of genetic testing has created a surge in demand for services among the "worried well", individuals who are proactive about their health. Similarly, insurance-driven investigations and diagnostics reflect a growing trend of individuals seeking personal coverage and taking a more active role in their healthcare decisions.

Despite these challenges, government spending into public services is on the decline. Our goal is to empower healthcare organisations to navigate financial constraints while delivering superior patient care.  We have successfully extended healthcare solutions for 35 years to Australian and New Zeland providers sitting on prestige government procurement panels with an extensive list of public and private health providers among our long-standing clients.

A practical approach

Maia Financial’s tailored operating lease solutions offer a lifeline for cash challenged providers facing budget constraints enabling access to cutting-edge equipment without the burden of large capital outlays or sizeable deposits, further the cost of operating leases is fixed for the entire lease term ensuring capital stability.   Ther terms of our agreements are practical and align to rebate terms, ensuring that our clients can maximise their budgets and optimise resource allocation.

Our practical approach is designed to meet the specific needs of each practice. Whether it's upgrading diagnostic equipment or investing in new technologies, we work closely with healthcare providers to find the right financing solution for their unique circumstances.

On the cutting edge.

The operating lease usage model that returns income to your practice without ‘ownership risk’.  Get the most relevant technology, without outdated costly technology collecting dust in your equipment room.

Furthermore, our array of end-of-lease options can be customised to align with organisational values and sustainability programs, allowing clients to responsibly manage equipment at the end of its lifecycle. Whether through resale, recycling, or repurposing, we support initiatives that promote environmental stewardship and community engagement.

A technology sequence aligned with demand.

Maia Financial enables you to follow a controlled growth strategy to optimise patient care and consolidate operations.  Operating leases provide a breathable model that let you integrate a full raft of services to support your choice of equipment from delivery, installation, maintenance, consumables, upgrades and sustainable disposal.


If the healthcare sector is going to be successful in meeting the challenges of the future financial landscape, a review of new options that favour flexibility, customisation and capital preservation is indicated.

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