Our Sectors.

We engage with clients to fuel their growth by providing a range of finance solutions for standard and specialised assets and infrastructure across a number of different sectors.

What sectors do we service?

Why Maia Financial?



We give clients more choice.

Our mission is to provide capital choice to businesses in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Further, you have the flexibility to work with your supplier of choice.



It's a relationship, not a transaction.

We're focused on supporting our clients' growth over the long-term. Ultimately we win when our clients win.



Helping you grow no matter what your ambitions.

We spend time understanding your business and future aspirations. We help you find the hidden potential to unleash your capital growth. 

What we stand for...


No Additional Security Needed

We finance standard and non-standard assets without requiring any additional security.


Finance Options

We finance assets that are new or part way through their life, which means you can access funds for your business even after you've acquired the equipment you need.


Fund 100% of Costs

We can fund up to 100% of the cost of the assets, which means your organisation avoids upfront costs and smooths out its cash outlays.


Dedicated Support

We invest our capital in transactions, which makes your ongoing success important to us. For this reason, we offer dedicated support throughout a transaction and for the full term of the agreement. 


Open Credit Facilities

We can approve open credit facilities, which you can access over time, creating speed and efficient turnaround times for your transactions.