Our Team

Our experts passion and desire to help our clients achieve their wildest ambition drives us.

Asset Finance Specialists

Our team of asset finance specialists are passionate about fuelling your success. We work with you in partnership to unlock growth opportunities and craft creative finance solutions to suit your needs.

Michelle Gianferrari

Chief Growth Officer

I am passionate about what I do and thrive in an environment where goals can be set and then, through inspiring great people, we can not only meet but exceed those together.

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Adrian Reef

Director, Asset Finance

At the heart and soul of Maia Financial is creativity and innovation, which means that no problem is too challenging to solve for existing and new clients alike.

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Andrew Mehrtens

Director, Asset Finance

For the last 6 years, I have worked in financial services in Australia in roles in wealth management, institutional custody services and currency management.

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Andrew Morton

Director, Asset Finance

My ambition is to work with clients to structure the right deal based upon their Asset Finance requirements and cashflow needs to assist in the growth of their business.

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Colin Phillips

Director, Asset Finance

I am passionate about assisting businesses with their capital solutions, understanding their needs and providing the right outcome for businesses.

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David Roberts

Director, Asset Finance

My passion lies in understanding what clients need and delivering the right financial solutions to help them achieve their goals.

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Kris Ochoa

Director, Asset Finance

Respect, kindness, honesty and integrity are very important to me not only for work but also in my daily life.

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Kristian Elliott

Director, Asset Finance

My focus is originating, structuring and executing asset finance based finance structures, that provide unique and innovative solutions for clients.

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Michael Trinh

Director, Asset Finance

Time spent in the different areas of credit, operations and program & account management was fuelled by my need to understand the different sides of the equation.

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Paul Fine

Director, Asset Finance

My daily quest is to think differently, examine critically, and build creative financing solutions for our clients.

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Pedro Costa

Director, Asset Finance

Since emigrating to Perth in 2003 from Southern Africa, I have worked in asset/equipment finance at Westpac, GE Capital, and the Commonwealth Bank.

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Peter Grover

Director, Asset Finance

We partner with companies to provide a flow of capital to help them grow their operations and achieve their objectives.

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Rob Hamer

Director, Asset Finance

I'm inspired by working with my clients and colleagues to create innovative solutions to financing requirements.

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Robert Indovino

Director, Asset Finance

I pride myself in creating an outstanding experience for my clients, providing them with the funding they need and the service they expect.

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Steven Davey

Director, Asset Finance

My role is to provide my clients with access to capital to allow them to achieve their objectives and grow.

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Tom Chirnside

Director, Asset Finance

I am currently providing solutions to new clients associated with edible nuts, viticulture, aquaculture & meat processing/export to name a few.

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Asset Management Specialists

Our team of asset management specialists work closely with you to maximise the efficiency of your assets and infrastructure so you are freed up to focus on operations.

Kieron Manning

Asset Manager

I am driven to provide the correct outcomes for our clients, even when the regular avenues have been explored.

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Kiran Patel

Asset Manager

My experience to date has enabled me with immense knowledge to assist clients.

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Marie Darge

Asset Manager

I believe that the attitude you bring to the day is what the day will bring to you. Great Attitude, Great Day!

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Orla Fox

Asset Manager

My focus is on providing the best service possible to our clients, understanding our clients’ needs, listening to what they have to say and then providing that outcome.

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